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A Whale’s Song Expeditions appreciates the dual values of hospitality to visitors and reverence for the natural world. It is a philosophy that embraces people, the land, the sea and all living things as one. Perhaps this is why many of our visitors tell us our tours provide them with a spiritual experience.

Since arriving on Baranof island, Sheetʼká Xʼáatʼi around 11,000 years ago, the indigenous people of our region, the Tlingit of the Shee Atika tribe, having formed a sustainable relationship with the entire ecosystem especially the marine ecosystem. Nothing within that sustainable philosophy will allow Tlingit to harm this ecosystem that keeps the whales coming to the Sitka Sound. For centuries this view of life has been fundamental to the “People of the Tide”, Tlingit. There must always be enough – more than enough – to sustain life in its entire spiritual and physical sense. To the Tlingit and A Whales’ Song Expeditions, the word ‘sustainable’ has both a physical and spiritual meaning. It reaches the heart of all our team members. It is a core principle of the experience we share with our visitors. The Tlingit have lived with whales (Tlingit, yaay) for over 11000 years. We support every effort by all the people of the world to live with them for another 11000 years.

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