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As a bonus for booking one of our exclusive photography expeditions by March 30th, 2018, you will receive a copy of, “Southeast Alaska: A Photographic Passage”. This exquisite book is a collaboration by Larisa Manewal, (one of our photography experts) and her dad Ernest. It features the innate beauty of the people, culture, landscape, and wildlife that you too can capture on one of our exclusive photography expeditions.

Nature puts on few displays as arresting as “Sac Roe” with marine carnivores feasting on spring’s bounty. Mid-March through the end of April is a thrilling time when the herring spawn. Sitka’s locals call it, “Sac Roe” or just plain “Herring” when the marine environment kicks it into high gear with Humpbacks, Orcas, and predators galore gorging on the bounty of herring. The abundant wildlife, jaw-dropping landscapes, and fishery operations combine for abundant photo opportunities.

Imagine what you can compose with the Alp-like peaks of the Tongass National Forest and the snow-capped volcano, Mt Edgecumbe as backgrounds in your viewfinder when a pod of 20 Humpback whales explodes from the depths with bulging mouthfuls of herring as hundreds of frantic gulls pluck a meal from their open mouths. This cooperative feeding behavior, bubble-netting, happens in only one place on the planet and that’s here in Alaska.

These intimate experiences feature 5 expeditions (a minimum of 20 hours on the water) during those photographic golden times of sunrise and sunset all with personal mentoring, coaching, and instruction with our photography experts.

Larisa is one of the photography experts that leads our spring, “Sac Roe” photography expeditions.

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