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Whale Sense Atlantic Region


We know ocean conservation starts with connection. We believe that as people build personal relationships with the ocean and its wildlife, they become more invested stewards of the marine environment.  A Whale’s Song Expeditions is honored to announce our commitment to and participation in the Alaska Region program. WhaleSENSE is a voluntary education and recognition program offered to commercial whale watching companies in the U.S. Atlantic and Alaska Regions. The program is sponsored by NOAA Fisheries and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

We encourage all our guests to register with Here you can submit photos of your marine mammal encounters. The site uses state-of-the-art image processing algorithms to match whale photos with scientific collections. This newly developed efficiency now makes global whale tracking more possible than ever. Scientists can only be in one place at one time; by harnessing the power of millions of whale watching enthusiasts, they can expand scientific knowledge exponentially. One of the coolest features is, as each of your whales is spotted around the world, they’ll send you updates. You can track your whales on your personal Happywhale page, extending your expedition enjoyment for years to come.

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