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Seldom Seen Alaska Expedition – July 2023 Trip Journal

Day 10: A Day of Farewell and Spectacular Encounters: Capturing the Beauty of Alaska’s Wildlife

As we reluctantly bid adieu to the serene beauty of Kake, our next destination beckoned – the enchanting “Little Norway,” Petersburg. But nature had its own farewell gift for us, one that would etch unforgettable memories in our hearts.

Breaches and More: A Whale Spectacle: As we rounded Point McCartney, we were treated to a breathtaking sight – a solitary whale continually breaching just a short distance from our vessel. Our plans quickly shifted as we couldn’t resist the allure of this mesmerizing display. Over the course of our encounter, we counted at least 30 breaches, accompanied by impressive flipper slaps and tail slaps. It was a symphony of whale acrobatics that left us in sheer amazement.


Bubble-Net Feeding Extravaganza: Our adventure continued, and shortly thereafter, we stumbled upon another group of magnificent creatures – 16 whales engaged in the extraordinary spectacle of bubble-net feeding. They were voraciously feasting on a massive shoal of herring, creating a visual and auditory spectacle like no other. The herring shoal extended for about half a mile, and it was so dense that we could hear the boiling action at the water’s surface. Among the group, a curious calf stole the show, mimicking the actions of the adults with its own breaching, tail slapping, and playful approaches to our vessel.

Nature’s Symphony: The magic of the moment was further enhanced as we heard the feeding calls of the whales reverberating through the hull of our vessel just seconds before the group burst through the surface, engulfing the herring. It was a symphony of nature that left us in awe of the intricate dance between predator and prey.


Exploring the LeConte Glacier: With hearts full of wonder, our voyage to Petersburg unfolded seamlessly. Our itinerary had thoughtfully included a visit to the stunning LeConte Glacier, and we were thrilled to take full advantage of the sunny skies. As we approached the glacier’s bay, a mesmerizing maze of icebergs greeted us, each one resembling a unique sculpture, and several serving as resting spots for the beautifully spotted coats of harbor seals





A Glacial Wonderland: Navigating through this icy wonderland, we were greeted by towering waterfalls and smooth, granite-carved walls created by the glacier’s slow passage. Hanging glaciers framed the landscape with brilliant blue ice, creating a scene straight out of a dream. As we approached North America’s southernmost tidal glacier, the air was filled with the sounds of explosions as the glacier continued its relentless march toward the water and our vessel.

Capturing Nature’s Marvel: Our cameras were poised and ready to capture the awe-inspiring phenomenon of glacial calving in this pristine and seldom-seen Alaskan wilderness. It was a fitting end to a day filled with unexpected and extraordinary encounters with Alaska’s incredible wildlife.

Stay tuned for more adventures as we continue our Seldom Seen Alaska Expedition in July 2023, where each day promises new wonders and breathtaking moments with the region’s untamed beauty.

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