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Seldom Seen Alaska Expedition – July 2023 Trip Journal

Day 8: A Shore Day Full of Surprises: Exploring Southeast Alaska’s Rich Wildlife and Scenic

On this unforgettable shore day, we ventured into the heart of Southeast Alaska’s natural
treasures, ready to embrace the unexpected. Our day began with a visit to the fascinating
Gunnuck Creek Hatchery, an essential hub in the intricate process of salmon hatching. We
delved into the science behind this remarkable endeavor, gaining insights into the critical role
temperature and water quality adjustments play in the successful hatching of salmon. This
educational experience left us with a profound appreciation for the delicate balance of nature
that sustains these remarkable creatures.


Embracing Black Bear Encounters: Our exploration continued as we sought the thrill of witnessing Black Bears in their element. We made our way to the creek, where we were treated to incredible action as these magnificent creatures expertly pursued their prey. The sight of Black Bears in their natural habitat was both awe-inspiring and humbling, allowing us to capture the raw beauty of wildlife photography.

Terrestrial Wildlife Adventures: In the evening, we embarked on an exciting journey through the vast expanse of Forest Service roads, eager to discover the terrestrial wonders of Southeast Alaska. Our quest was richly rewarded with sightings of Sitka Black-tailed Deer, gracefully navigating their forested domain, and Porcupines, displaying their distinctive quilled armor. These encounters provided a deeper connection to the wild landscapes that define this region.


Avian Delights by the Lodge: Our lodge’s picturesque location overlooking the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska added another layer of wonder to our day. The serene waters gifted us with the delightful company of approximately 1000 Black Turnstones and 50 Surf Birds foraging along the water’s edge and rocks. These coastal avian wonders proved to be ideal subjects for marine wildlife photography, offering captivating moments frozen in time.

Capture the Moments: As we immersed ourselves in the splendors of this shore day, our cameras clicked away, preserving the magic of Southeast Alaska’s wildlife and landscapes. Each surprise, each encounter, became a cherished memory, a testament to the untamed beauty of this remarkable wilderness.

Stay tuned as our journey through Southeast Alaska continues, filled with more surprises, unforgettable wildlife encounters, and stunning photography opportunities.





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