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Seldom Seen Alaska Expedition – July 2023 Trip Journal

Day 11: A Sea Otter Photography Odyssey


Our journey through the Seldom Seen Alaska Expedition in July 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary. Today, our focus was on capturing the sheer charm of sea otters through the lenses of our cameras. This day was a testament to meticulous planning and the spirit of exploration. We navigated down the winding waterways of Wrangell Narrows, a scenic route adorned with 60 guiding lights and buoys. This carefully marked path ensured our safe passage through the narrows, which presented their own unique navigational challenges. As we made our way, we were treated to breathtaking vistas and the promise of marine wonders.
Our course took us into the expansive Sumner Strait, where we skirted the beautiful Zarembo Island before entering the captivating Kasharof Passage. Along this route, our guests were treated to an aquatic spectacle. Approximately 12 majestic whales graced us with their awe-inspiring presence, their graceful movements leaving an indelible mark on our memories. As if this weren’t enough, several rafts of sea lions, the elegant Arctic terns, and the charming Black-Legged Kittiwakes added to the enchantment of the day.
While we spotted a few otters here and there, our hearts were set on capturing that perfect photography moment. Our journey led us to explore an off-itinerary path, and it was here that we encountered an astonishing otter raft comprising over 200 males. The experience was nothing short of heartwarming and adorable as we engaged with these playful creatures.


Our quest then took us into the legendary Whale Pass, where nature had another delightful surprise awaiting us. In a picturesque patch of sugar kelp, we stumbled upon a sight that left us in awe and filled our hearts with wonder. Here, before our very eyes, was the largest raft of sea otters we had ever witnessed. This particular group was composed of males, and their nonchalant comfort in our presence was a testament to the unspoiled beauty of this region. Our afternoon was dedicated to capturing their undeniable cuteness through our camera lenses, and our guests couldn’t have been happier with this exceptional marine photography bonanza. This is what Seldom Seen Alaska is all about – unforgettable encounters with nature’s most endearing creatures.

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